Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: user, from Latin usus, past participle of uti 'to use'


1 verb
Related topics: Drug Culture, Linguistics
use1 S1 W1

use something

[transitive] if you use a particular tool, method, service, ability etc, you do something with that tool, by means of that method etc, for a particular purpose:
Can I use your phone?
I'll show you which room you can use.
I always use the same shampoo.
Use your imagination when planning meals.
She booked the flight using a false name.
easy/difficult/simple etc to use
Drop-down menus make the program very easy to use.
use something for (doing) something
They were using animals for scientific experiments.
Bob uses the van for picking up groceries.
use something as something
My parents use the house as a holiday home.
use something to do something
Most people now use their cars to go shopping.
use force (=use violent methods)

amount of something

[transitive] to take an amount of something from a supply of food, gas, money etc:
We use about £40 worth of electricity a month.
Standard washing machines use about 40 gallons of water.

treat somebody unfairly

[transitive] to make someone do something for you in order to get something you want:
Can't you see that Howard is just using you?
Gerald had been using her for his own ends.

an advantage

[transitive] to take advantage of a situation
use something to do something
She used her position as manager to get jobs for her friends.

could use something

spoken if you say you could use something, you mean you would really like to have it:
I could use a drink.


[transitive]SL to say or write a particular word or phrase:
We use the word 'hardware' to describe the actual machine.
Don't use bad language.


[intransitive and transitive]MDD to regularly take illegal drugs used to

use something ↔ up

phrasal verb
to use all of something:
She's used up all the hot water.

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