Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: us, from Latin usus; USE1


2 noun
Related topics: Linguistics
use2 S3 W2
1 [singular, uncountable] the action or fact of using something:
an exit for use in emergencies
use of
the increasing use of computers in education
2 [countable] a purpose for which something can be used:
Robots have many different uses in modern industry.
have/find a use for something
The cupboard is full of things I can never find a use for.

make use of something

to use something that is available in order to achieve something or get an advantage for yourself:
We will make use of her vast experience.
There is an answering machine for you to make use of.
Try to make good use of your time.

put something to (good) use

to use something such as knowledge or skills for a particular purpose:
a job where her management skills can be put to good use

the use of something

the ability or right to use something:
Joe's given me the use of his office till he gets back.
He lost the use of both legs as a result of the accident.

be (of) no use (to somebody)

to be completely useless:
You needed blankets to keep warm because the heating was no use.
Take this - it's of no use to me any more.

it's no use doing something

spoken used to tell someone not to do something because it will have no effect:
It's no use complaining.

it's no use!

spoken used to say that you are going to stop doing something because you do not think it will be successful:
Oh, it's no use! I can't fix it.

what's the use (of something)

spoken used to say that something seems to be a waste of time:
What's the use of decorating the house if we are going to sell it?

be in use

a machine, place etc that is in use is being used:
Electric vehicles built in 1920 were still in use in the 1950s.

for the use of somebody

provided for a particular person or group of people to use:
a bar for the use of the guests

be of use (to somebody/something)

to be useful:
He was charged with having information likely to be of use to terrorists.

come into use

also bring something into use to start being used, or to start using something:
Computers first came into use in the early 1950s.

go/be out of use

a machine, place etc that goes out of use or is out of use is not being used:
Some 4,000 railway stations have gone out of use since the 1960s.

have no use for somebody/something

to have no respect for someone or something:
She has no use for people who are always complaining.

something/somebody has their uses

spoken used, often humorously, to say that something or someone can sometimes be useful, even though it may not seem that way:
Being stubborn can have its uses.
17 [countable]SL one of the meanings of a word, or the way that a particular word is used

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