use‧ful S1 W1
helping you to do or get what you want [≠ useless]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
useful information/advice/tip useful way of doing something useful tool (=useful method or thing that you can use) it is useful to do something prove useful find something useful make yourself useful (=be helpful) come in useful (=be useful) serve a useful purpose/function (=be useful)
The book is full of useful information.
Bar charts are a useful way of looking at sets of figures.
The Internet is becoming a useful tool for investors.
useful for
Television is useful for making up your mind how to vote.
useful to
information that may be useful to the enemy
It may be useful to consider the data separately.
The research may prove useful for applications in medicine and biotechnology.
techniques that teachers have found useful
Sometimes he would make himself useful in the kitchen by cleaning and tidying.
She couldn't bear to throw away anything that might come in useful one day.
usefully adverb

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