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usheretteush‧er‧ette /ˌʌʃəˈret/ noun [countable]  especially British English old-fashionedBO a woman who works in a cinema, showing people to their seats
Examples from the Corpus
usheretteThe gangs would want to watch the film, but occasionally also drag an usherette into the exit.An usherette appeared, listened to more tantrums, tried unsuccessfully to reason with him and then disappeared.Chambermaids, cinema usherettes and bank tellers were all in on the act.It was hilarious and much appreciated by the select audience of usherettes, theatre staff and cast.We had a couple of usherettes raped.The lights were on in a second and the usherette was at the screamer's side.The usherette was untrained in spotting sweaty palms.
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