Date: 1300-1400
Language: Late Latin
Origin: usualis, from Latin usus; USE1


u‧su‧al S2 W2
1 happening, done, or existing most of the time or in most situations:
Make a cheese sauce in the usual way.
I'll meet you at the usual time.
longer/higher/worse etc than usual
It is taking longer than usual for orders to reach our customers.
She ate twice as much as usual.
it is usual (for somebody) to do something
It's usual to keep records of all expenses.

as usual

in the way that happens or exists most of the time:
As usual, they'd left the children at home with Susan.
They didn't invite any women, as usual.

as per usual

spoken used to say that something bad that often happens has just happened again:
He just laughed at me, as per usual.

the usual

a) used for talking about something that usually happens, is usually done etc:
'What was he going on about this time?' 'Oh, the usual.'
b) the drink that you usually have, especially in a particular bar:
A pint of the usual please, Paul.

not your usual self

behaving differently from the way you usually behave, especially by seeming worried or upset about something:
Keith doesn't seem his usual self these days.

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