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utilitarianu‧til‧i‧tar‧i‧an /juːˌtɪləˈteəriən $ -ˈter-/ adjective  1 formalUSEFUL intended to be useful and practical rather than attractive or comfortable ugly utilitarian buildings2 RPbased on a belief in utilitarianism materialistic
Examples from the Corpus
utilitarianMy father was a carpenter and held a passionate but essentially utilitarian belief in education.utilitarian clothesTheir utilitarian contribution to our welfare should not, in other words, be our criterion as to whether they survive or not.They were sturdy and wooden; quite beautiful in their uncluttered, utilitarian lines.And the only reason why evolution would bind relationships together is if they served a utilitarian purpose.Along with good light and utilitarian spaces, Chelsea offers comparatively cheap real estate.
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