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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishutmostut‧most1 /ˈʌtməʊst $ -moʊst/ (also uttermost) adjective   the utmost importance/respect/care etc
Examples from the Corpus
utmostBut the trial shows the need to look with the utmost care at staff selection procedures.The tale is told with the utmost economy, as if nothing unusual was taking place.They entertained them with the utmost hospitality and before they bade them farewell Helenus gave them useful advice about their journey.In such cases, it is of utmost importance to retrieve it lest the patient dies.In fact I have the utmost respect for it.In implementing his plan, Reagan operated in the utmost secrecy.I overhear two girls talk in utmost seriousness and gravity about the gross inequities in the grading system.
utmostutmost2 noun [singular]  TRY TO DO OR GET somethingthe most that can be doneto the utmost Both runners had pushed themselves to the utmost. The medical staff did their utmost (=tried as hard as they could) to save the patient’s life.
Examples from the Corpus
utmostThen he took the bow and did his utmost to string it.We must do our utmost to conserve them.That meant we wanted every flight member to exercise the utmost in creativity and aggressiveness.The Derry turn called for the utmost in pilot ability.I respect Reggie White and William Fuller and those guys to the utmost.She was angry at Hippolytus and determined to Punish him to the utmost.Which is why, if you've got a bad temper, you probably do your utmost to keep it under wraps.did ... utmostThen he took the bow and did his utmost to string it.
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