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vacancyva‧can‧cy /ˈveɪkənsi/ ●○○ noun (plural vacancies)  1 [countable]BE a job that is available for someone to start doing There are still two vacancies on the school board.vacancy for We have no vacancies for photographers at the moment. The council is making every effort to fill the vacancies. information about job vacanciessee thesaurus at job2 [countable]DLTAVAILABLE a room in a hotel or building that is not being used and is available for someone to stay in Let me see if we have a vacancy for tonight. No vacancies’, the sign read.3 [uncountable] writtenINTERESTED lack of interest or thought His mouth fell open and the look of vacancy returned.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + vacancy a job vacancyHe searched the newspapers regularly for job vacancies.a suitable vacancyWe will keep your CV on file in case other suitable vacancies arise.an unfilled vacancy (=a job for which no one has been hired)The teaching unions estimate there are some 10,000 unfilled vacancies.a staff vacancyOther officers are working overtime because of staff vacancies.verbshave a vacancyWe have no vacancies for cleaners at present.advertise a vacancyWhere did you see the vacancy advertised?fill a vacancy (=find or be a new person for a job)We are making every effort to fill the vacancies.create/leave a vacancythe vacancy which was created by White’s resignationthere is a vacancyShe asked if there were any vacancies for salespeople.a vacancy comes up (also a vacancy arises/occurs formal) (=there is a vacancy)A vacancy has arisen on the committee.
Examples from the Corpus
vacancyThere are over 3 million people unemployed and only 400,000 vacancies.Barnhart will fill a vacancy on the Planning Commission.A vacancy exists for an import/export sales manager at our Paris office.The industrial tribunal had not identified a suitable alternative vacancy.Skilled workers are few, and employers are having trouble filling vacancies.The number of deputy headship vacancies also rose, from 2,132 to 2,417.I'm sorry, the firm has no vacancies at the moment.The hotel had hung out its "No vacancy" sign.There is one vacancy, on the San Francisco Peninsula, which may be filled in March.A huge demands for apartments pushed vacancy rates down to the 1 to 2 percent level.Mr Tomlinson will comment on school vacancies in his next annual report, due early next year.There might be some vacancies at the hospital.However, management will be aware that vacancies will arise in the ensuing months.job vacanciesThe 1,500,000 job vacancies were mostly in undesirable jobs or areas.Beaver has agreements with 15 recruitment agencies for 200 job vacancies that several companies are trying to fill.They were to be established in all districts, financed by the Treasury, and would publish information about job vacancies.Also, job vacancies are rising, unit wage costs are falling and productivity is continuing to improve.In the long term treating your staff and potential staff well will increase your chances of attracting high-calibre applicants for job vacancies.The best paper for job vacancies is the Sunday issue of Berlingske Tidende.This newspaper contains many helpful hints on job seeking as well as lots of varied and interesting job vacancies.General manager Michael Prendergast said he was amazed at the response to the job vacancies.have ... vacancyWe also have vacancies in specialist departments such as medicine and child care where the appropriate qualifications and experience are essential.The fact is that I have a vacancy arising for a couture model.We occasionally have vacancies for bartenders who must have at least two years' experience of working a cocktail bar.The idea is to match suitably qualified applicants with institutions which have vacancies.Well, the Levers will have a vacancy for an economist on their personal staff.
From Longman Business Dictionaryvacancyva‧can‧cy /ˈveɪkənsi/ noun (plural vacancies) [countable]1HUMAN RESOURCESa job that is available for someone to start doingWe havejob vacancies for graduates in engineering and information technology.A vacancy has arisen (=become available) in the department for a senior accountant.We haven’t been able to find anyone to fill this vacancy.2TRAVELa hotel room, flat, or office which has not been taken and which is therefore available for rentApartment vacancies are still high in several markets.
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