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vagrancyva‧gran‧cy /ˈveɪɡrənsi/ noun [uncountable]  SCCHOMEthe criminal offence of living on the street and begging (beg) from people
Examples from the Corpus
vagrancyYou will not jeopardise that job I perjured myself to get for you by a vagrancy charge tonight of all nights.He also frisked drunks and got himself arrested on a vagrancy charge.The place where even the barest sketch of family life ended and vagrancy began.The growing numbers of the poor were reflected in begging, vagrancy and theft, all of which led to repressive reactions.Arrested for vagrancy, he dried out in hospital, where molested the nurse.Henry Fielding in 1751 saw the matter from the perspective of a London magistrate, linking vagrancy to crime.
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