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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvagrantva‧grant /ˈveɪɡrənt/ noun [countable] formal  HOMEsomeone who has no home or work, especially someone who begs syn tramp
Examples from the Corpus
vagrantCity authorities are planning a campaign to get an estimated 300,000 vagrants off the streets.Then jealousy and anxiety moved in and squatted like diseased vagrants.Our charity provides shelter, meals, and clothing for vagrants.The number of vagrants is increasing because of the lack of affordable accommodation for rent in the capital.Today's vagrants, squatting under railway arches and in shop doorways, are not regarded as having strayed from anywhere.The Experience has reinvigorated downtown Las Vegas, for years the habitat of the serious gambler and the serious vagrant.I leave the refundable soda-bottle on the bench to make it a little easier for the vagrants.He also made a special study of the outcasts, the waifs and strays of industrial society the vagrants and the idiots.We vagrants have to seem strong when we may feel weak.
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