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valid reason/argument/criticism etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvalid reason/argument/criticism etcvalid reason/argument/criticism etcRIGHT/JUSTIFIEDa reason, argument etc that is based on what is reasonable or sensible Police officers must have a valid reason for stopping motorists. valid
Examples from the Corpus
valid reason/argument/criticism etcBut neither do we have to be defensive if they occasionally have a valid criticism.But a complete justification of authority has to do more than to provide valid reasons for its acceptance.But there are also valid reasons for optimism.Povert drudgery and loneliness are valid reasons for sadness; beyond and beneath, far outreaching them all, is unrequited love.Accepting criticism Accepting valid criticism is also part of this group of assertive actions.A second and equally valid argument is that the publishing world is an invaluable source of knowledge.No serious thinker can make a valid argument that to discriminate based on species is acceptable.A 1977 Supreme Court ruling permits police stopping a car for valid reasons to order drivers to exit.
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