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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvaluablesval‧u‧a‧bles /ˈvæljuəbəlz, -jəbəlz $ -jəbəlz/ noun [plural]  VALUEthings that you own that are worth a lot of money, such as jewellery, cameras etc Guests should leave their valuables in the hotel safe.
Examples from the Corpus
valuablesYou don't have to risk your home or its valuables.Please do not leave money or valuables in the lockers.Thieves will take any bags, wallets, and other valuables they can find.In most cases the thieves targeted cars which had been left with bags or other valuables clearly visible.Deposit jewellery or other valuables in the bank.Inside this place, half the valuables have been sold.Edward is a private detective hired by an antiques dealer who asked Edward to list all of the valuables in the house.The hotel management advises guests to deposit their valuables in the hotel safe.
From Longman Business Dictionaryvaluablesval‧u‧a‧bles /ˈvæljuəbəlz, -jəbəlz-jəbəlz/ noun [plural] things someone owns that are worth a lot of money, such as jewellery and electronic equipmentThe insurance policy covers valuables up to £3,000.
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