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value judgment

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvalue judgmentˈvalue ˌjudgment noun [countable]  JUDGEa decision or judgment about how good something is, based on your personal opinions not facts
Examples from the Corpus
value judgmentThe court must bear contemporary social standards in mind in making what will in some cases necessarily be a value judgment.What the legitimate ambit of a certain power actually is will necessarily be a value judgment.A prescription is a value judgment that indicates what should occur and should be done.To make a value judgment by calling something good or bad is to classify it in terms of its reinforcing effects.Site-specific works invariably manifest a value judgment about the larger context of which they are a part.That is not a value judgment, but a statistical one.But this assumption rests on a contestable value judgment about the proper role of the judiciary in controlling the government.
From Longman Business Dictionaryvalue judgmentˈvalue ˌjudgment [countable] a decision or judgment about how good something is, based on opinions rather than factsSomeone has got to make a value judgment about whether the benefits of the deal are worth the cost. judgment
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