Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: Vulgar Latin valuta, from Latin valere; VALOR


1 noun
Related topics: Maths
val‧ue1 S3 W1


[uncountable and countable] the amount of money that something is worthCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
increase/rise/go up in value drop/fall/go down/decrease in value hold its value (=continue to be worth the same amount) high/low value market value (=the amount that something can be bought or sold for) street value (=how much people pay on the street to buy illegal drugs)
value of
The alterations doubled the value of the house.
The dollar has been steadily increasing in value.
The share price has continued to fall in value over the past week.
It's a beautiful carpet - it should hold its value.
Spices had a high value in proportion to their weight.
low value household products
a mortgage that is larger than the market value of your house
Police seized drugs with a street value of £2.5 million.

worth the money paid

[uncountable and countable] used to say that something is worth what you pay for it, or not worth what you pay for it
good/poor value (for money) BrE a good/poor value American English
The lunch special is really good value.
At only £45 a night, the hotel is great value for money.
value for money British English (=good value, or the quality of being good value)
Every customer is looking for value for money.


[uncountable] the importance or usefulness of something
value of
A group of athletes spoke to the students about the value of a college education.
the nutritional value of cereal
be of great/little value
His research has been of little practical value.
place/put a high value on something
The Sioux Indians placed a high value on generosity.
The locket has great sentimental value (=importance because it was a gift, it reminds you of someone etc).

of value

a) worth a lot of money:
The thieves took nothing of value.
b) useful:
I hope this book will be of value to both teachers and students.

interesting quality

shock/curiosity/novelty etc value

a good or interesting quality that something has because it is surprising, different, new etc:
After the initial curiosity value, the product's sales dropped considerably.



[plural] your ideas about what is right and wrong, or what is important in life:
Your attitudes about sex are affected by your religious and moral values.
family values


[countable] technicalHM a mathematical quantity shown by a letter of the alphabet or sign:
Let x have the value 25.
see usage note worth1GRAMMAR GRAMMAR

Use worth followed by an amount to say how much money people would pay for something a necklace worth $10,000!! Worth is never a verb The house is worth (NOT The house worths) over a million pounds.
worth, value
Worth can be used as a noun to talk about how much money something is worth, but it is more usual to use value The value of the property has doubled. The current value of the car is about £1,000.Worth and value can be used as nouns to talk about how good or useful someone or something is He has demonstrated his worth/value to the company.See also worth

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