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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvaluelessval‧ue‧less /ˈvæljuːləs/ adjective  1 worth no money or very little money syn worthless valueless currency2 having no worth, importance, or good qualities syn worthless On most political issues my own opinion was pretty well valueless.
Examples from the Corpus
valuelessAs far as Quinn could tell, the objects Stillman collected were valueless.In all artistic points he is utterly valueless.This is not to say that a single find is valueless.The psychoanalytical school, almost by definition has based itself on supra-historical assumptions which have been almost valueless in detailed analyses.And the same thing applies to people who have collections of quite valueless things: baskets, keys, hats or whatever.The most perfectly designed and constructed intervention programme is valueless unless the parents accept it.
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