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varicose veins

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varicose veinsvar‧i‧cose veins /ˌværəkəʊs ˈveɪnz $ -koʊs-/ noun [plural]  MIa medical condition in which the veins in your leg become swollen and painful
Examples from the Corpus
varicose veinsPeristaltic tights will appeal to sufferers from poor circulation and varicose veins, and those whose hearts need a bit of extra help.You can brush where the skin is healthy, but avoid any areas where you have bad varicose veins.Former lorry driver Leonard Marder finds it difficult to walk because of an infected leg caused by varicose veins.Mrs Rundle had once had varicose veins but they had been cut out.Her legs began to hurt and she considered from time to time the possibility of varicose veins.They cut off circulation, made it harder to breathe during altitude changes, and wreaked havoc on varicose veins.Relaxed tissues and blood vessels - varicose veins, piles etc. with burning in varicose veins.
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