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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvariedvar‧ied /ˈveərid $ ˈver-/ ●●○ AWL adjective  VARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDSconsisting of or including many different kinds of things or people, especially in a way that seems interesting a varied diet The responsibilities of government are many, and they are varied.richly/extremely/widely etc varied A good teacher is aware of the extremely varied needs of each student.
Examples from the Corpus
variedThe rhythm of the poem is varied.Finally Brooks of Clapham included a varied and most interesting collection of aviation memorabilia in their sale on September 15.Sandra's circle of friends was varied, and often a little strange.He had a varied and outstanding career.With continually varied climbing it proves interesting and improbable to the last.Grain products, vegetables, and fruit are important parts of a varied diet.The lively and varied entertainments programme and excellent facilities are tailored to the needs of these students.As far as you could see there was a great undulating cushion of varied greenery, mile upon mile of leaves.The authors endeavour to obtain specimens from as varied sources as possible.richly/extremely/widely etc variedThe ways in which these four actions can be co-ordinated are extremely varied.With instruments and voices carefully mixed and contrasted, the overall programme is richly varied.Topics are extremely varied and are often viewed from unusual angles.An extremely varied and immensely pleasing exhibition, it is undoubtedly rendered substantial by still-life oils by David Donaldson.Now our audience is this amazing, extremely varied cross-section, with many young people.This small natural-looking pool is framed by a richly varied planting including variegated grasses and irises, hostas and primulas.Such widely varied writers as Webern, Dallapiccola, and Stravinsky rely heavily on the textures and idioms of early choral music.

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