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variegatedvar‧ie‧gat‧ed /ˈveərɪɡeɪtɪd $ ˈver-/ adjective  1 HBPa variegated plant, leaf etc has different coloured marks on it variegated grasses2 formalVARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDS consisting of a lot of different types of thing
Examples from the Corpus
variegatedThen there are the variegated bamboos like this green and yellow variety.But the finest of all the variegated grasses must surely be Holcus mollis, with snow-white stripes.variegated hollyThe patio was flanked by ancient brick walls covered in climbing plants and variegated ivy.Sometimes, the leaves of variegated plants clash with the colours of their own flowers.The veined and variegated roots yielded beautiful veneers much prized for ornamental work.
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