Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: variété, from Latin varietas, from varius; VARIOUS


Related topics: Biology
va‧ri‧e‧ty S2 W1 plural varieties

a variety of something

a lot of things of the same type that are different from each other in some way:
The girls come from a variety of different backgrounds.
a wide/great/endless etc variety of something
Cafe Artista offers a wide variety of sandwiches.
2 [uncountable] the differences within a group, set of actions etc that make it interesting:
I really like the variety the store has to offer.
give/add/bring variety (to something) (=make something more interesting)
Occasionally working from home adds variety to a job.
3 [countable]HB a type of thing, such as a plant or animal, that is different from others in the same group
variety of
The lake has more than 20 varieties of fish.
4 [countable usually singular] a particular type of person or thing - often used humorously
of the ... variety
Lon has no patience with anything of the child variety.

variety is the spice of life

used to say that doing a lot of different things, meeting different people etc is what makes life interesting

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