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vary/change etc from something to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvary/change etc from something to somethingvary/change etc from something to somethingto change or be different according to the person, situation, time etc involved The treatment will vary from patient to patient. from
Examples from the Corpus
vary/change etc from something to somethingThe lower limits of normal for serum uric acid are arbitrarily defined and may vary from one lab to another.The prices vary from circuit to circuit, but as a rule they range from £30 for a session to £300.Like telephone charges, they can be varied from day to day and between evenings and rush hours.Since then virtually every small printer, and most large ones, have changed from metal to film.Only Limavady changed from unionist to nationalist hands, and Magherafelt moved from no overall majority to nationalist control.The change from flute to piccolo or viceversa occupies only a few seconds.Also, because it is a natural product, its textures may vary from one batch to the next.The duties and powers of deans vary from university to university.
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