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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishVaselineVas‧e‧line /ˈvæsəliːn/ noun [uncountable] trademark  DCBMDa soft clear substance used on the skin for various medical and other purposes
Examples from the Corpus
VaselineSmear a little Vaseline on the threads Push the pipe into the fitting until it meets the internal stop.A thin smear of Vaseline on all snap-on terminals, and internal spring and pins will help keep corrosion at bay.Use hourly or apply moisturiser every hour over a few days, with a touch of Vaseline to follow.Our ambulances, First Aid Units, uniforms and even our Vaseline is paid for by donations.Opening trick: stop nail polish bottle tops from sticking by smearing the grooves with some Vaseline.Actually, I've got a beauty tip for Hairflair readers - try Vaseline on your eyelashes.
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