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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvauntedvaunt‧ed /ˈvɔːntɪd $ ˈvɒːn-, ˈvɑːn-/ adjective formal  PRAISEa plan, system, achievement etc that is vaunted is praised or talked about too much and in a way that is too proud There’s little sign that the much-vaunted IT investment is pulling France out of recession.
Examples from the Corpus
vauntedThe country's vaunted educational system is not as good as once thought.But what is this vaunted information currency?But now this much vaunted initiative has foundered because there is little or no market interest in redevelopment.Modern consumers evaluated the store not on the basis of its vaunted reputation, but on what it offered them today.The much vaunted working families tax credit gives £207 a week to those with one parent in full-time work.
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