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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvehementve‧he‧ment /ˈviːəmənt/ adjective  STRONG FEELING OR BELIEFshowing very strong feelings or opinionsvehement opposition/criticism/hostility etc Despite vehement opposition, the Act became law. Despite her vehement protests, he pulled her inside.vehemently adverb Dan vehemently denies the charges.vehemence noun [uncountable] The vehemence of her answer surprised them both.
Examples from the Corpus
vehementThe next day Joe followed up with a four-page letter seeking to explain why he had become so vehement.The President became vehement in his remonstration.She went to lean against the wall - he made a vehement negative gesture - she staggered forward again.Lincoln was a vehement opponent of slavery.At one extreme was vehement opposition; at the other, firm approval.Sheffield takes a vehement stand against drugs.The neighbours of the four involved families were vehement that there was nothing like this going on.vehement opposition/criticism/hostility etcPete Wilson supports the initiative, while Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Brown has staked her election hopes on vehement opposition.At one extreme was vehement opposition; at the other, firm approval.Greenpeace has in the past campaigned against the Faroese whale hunt, drawing vehement criticism from the islanders.However, negotiations were broken off owing to the vehement opposition of anti-abortion Republicans, supported by Sununu.
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