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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishveiledveiled /veɪld/ adjective  HIDE/NOT SHOWa veiled threat, warning, attack, reference etc is expressed so that its exact meaning is hidden or unclear His speech is being seen as a veiled attack on asylum-seekers. ‘I’m impressed, ’ said Greg, with thinly veiled (=only slightly hidden) sarcasm. Jasper remained silent and his eyes were veiled (=you could not guess what he was thinking).
Examples from the Corpus
veiledHe suddenly remembered her carefully veiled amusement when he had mentioned the tinkers.Her comments were nothing more than a veiled criticism of my work.Perfectly aware of the veiled disapproval, his kindlier feelings abated, to be replaced by a resurgence of ill humour.Two veiled female figures leaned in exaggerated mourning over an urn in the Grecian taste of the 1810s.His attempt to get us to help him is just a veiled form of blackmail.I hate to disappoint anyone but that wasn't the case - although the veiled hints caused us plenty of amusement.Was this a veiled threat to Richard?The opposition leader has made thinly veiled threats of violence.The veiled women had reminded me of the nuns.thinly veiledShe was only thinly veiled, and Rostov could see that although she was beautiful, she was old.Dole passed up two thinly veiled invitations by moderator Jim Lehrer to address so-called character issues.The promoters were willing to put aside their thinly veiled racism in order to sell tickets.There is always a danger that it becomes a thinly veiled therapeutic exercise.Mrs Thatcher's public speeches contained thinly veiled warning messages to colleagues who doubted the strategy.
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