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veinedveined /veɪnd/ adjective  CFhaving a pattern of thin lines on the surface black-veined marble He grasped her feeble veined hand.
Examples from the Corpus
veinedblue-veined cheeseShe has also a teething baby, pinched and veined and smelling of milk.The veined and variegated roots yielded beautiful veneers much prized for ornamental work.It comes in white, cream and a slightly veined beige.It reminded him of a veined glass marble he had once owned as a boy.Sometimes, where a richer effect was required, a veneer of thin slabs of veined gypsum was added.It is also necessary specifically to select veined material for study, hitherto not a regular practise in traditional carbonate petrography.Lady's Smock: These flowers are made up of four pink or lilac veined petals and grow in small clusters.January haze, With a veined yolk of sun.
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