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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvenerableven‧e‧ra‧ble /ˈvenərəbəl/ adjective  1 [usually before noun] formal a venerable person or thing is respected because of their great age, experience etc – often used humorously venerable financial institutions the venerable guitarist Pat Martino a venerable tradition2 the Venerable ...
Examples from the Corpus
venerableBreakspear was both more venerable and less ostentatious than most colleges.Although occasionally an older vessel may substitute for one in dry dock, many venerable craft have been pensioned off.This is what he's done to the venerable game of golf and our conception of what is and isn't possible.a venerable New York City law firmWhile the church was burning, congregants pulled out venerable objects, including a safe where the books were housed.In December 1994, for example, the venerable retailer had a same-store sales increase of 7. 3 percent.As for Deanes, there's an old and venerable tradition of the holy fool.venerable traditionIn this, they followed a venerable tradition.The pageantry surrounding the court is a feast of spectacle and venerable tradition.As for Deanes, there's an old and venerable tradition of the holy fool.
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