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venereal disease

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venereal diseaseve‧ne‧re‧al dis‧ease /vəˈnɪəriəl dɪˌziːz $ -ˈnɪr-/ noun [countable, uncountable] old-fashioned  SYMIVD
Examples from the Corpus
venereal diseaseBy 1980, venereal disease was widespread-and four out of every five of the patients were homosexual men.Rumour has it that he contracted a venereal disease at some point and sought medical treatment.Mr Miller was a venereal disease specialist with the State Health Department.Precisely the same is true where a venereal disease is communicated or pregnancy ensues.In 1942 and 1943 the rate of venereal disease in San Francisco rose by more than 75 percent.These sections do not cover wilfully self-inflicted illness or venereal disease.Unlike venereal disease, leprosy came to Western attention relatively late.
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