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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvengeanceven‧geance /ˈvendʒəns/ ●○○ noun  1 [uncountable]REVENGE a violent or harmful action that someone does to punish someone for harming them or their family syn revenge a desire for vengeance a vow of vengeance an act of vengeance2 with a vengeance
Examples from the Corpus
vengeanceYou can bet the Rare Bear team will be back with a vengeance.In mounting dismay she peered into the gloom, the invidious nature of her position coming home to her with a vengeance.Luckily, the Dow rebounded with a vengeance, enjoying record trading Tuesday.The literacy crisis that has become part of our current cultural vocabulary was taking shape with a vengeance.Her desire for vengeance led her to shoot her daughter's murderer.His rise seemed to be their act of vengeance, and so far it had been dramatic.Nothing can justify the gunmens' senseless acts of vengeance.Perhaps she chose to save herself from what she foresaw as the ravages of vengeance.Pulling away into the stream, she reflected happily that vengeance was oh, so sweet.
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