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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvengefulvenge‧ful /ˈvendʒfəl/ adjective literary  REVENGEvery eager to punish someone who has done something bad opp forgiving a vengeful god
Examples from the Corpus
vengefulWhat had he done to make Juliet so vengeful and bitter?a vengeful GodHe stumbled with vengeful intent through wide, open-topped courtyards and along covered, low-ceilinged walkways.Starbuck and Ahab almost communicate with each other as the first mate pleads with Ahab to repudiate this vengeful mission.The survivors scrambled back to the sepoy lines pursued by a vengeful squadron of Sikh cavalry.Personally they are petty, self-indulgent and vengeful to a degree that suggests galloping megalomania.
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