2 verb
1 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to go somewhere that could be dangerous:
When darkness fell, he would venture out.
She paused before venturing up the steps to the door.
children who lack the confidence to venture into libraries
2 [transitive] to say or do something in an uncertain way because you are afraid it is wrong or will seem stupid:
'You're on holiday here?' he ventured.
venture to do something
I ventured to ask him what he was writing.
venture an opinion/question/word etc
If we had more information, it would be easier to venture a firm opinion.
Roy ventured a tentative smile.
venture that
I ventured that the experiment was not conclusive.

nothing ventured, nothing gained

used to say that you cannot achieve anything unless you take risks

venture into something

phrasal verb
to become involved in a new business activity:
Banks are venturing into insurance.

venture on/upon something

phrasal verb
to do or try something that involves risks:
I thought I might venture on a new recipe.

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