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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishverbatimver‧ba‧tim /vɜːˈbeɪtɪm $ vɜːr-/ adjective, adverb formal  EXACTrepeating the actual words that were spoken or written syn word-for-wordverbatim account/quote/report etc a verbatim account of our conversation Their stories were taped and transcribed verbatim.
Examples from the Corpus
verbatimShe recited the speech verbatim.a verbatim quoteverbatim account/quote/report etcTypically this involves writing down lots of verbatim quotes and also making notes on any non-verbal goings-on.She said little about herself, instead giving me colourful, often verbatim accounts of everyone else.Unfortunately the two verbatim reports of what was said slightly disagreed with each other.
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