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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishverbiagever‧bi‧age /ˈvɜːbi-ɪdʒ $ ˈvɜːr-/ noun [uncountable] formal  speech or writing that has many unnecessary words in it meaningless verbiage
Examples from the Corpus
verbiageCut out the excess verbiage.MacDonald, had he still been Prime Minister, would have lost the issue in verbiage and drowned himself in self-pity.After the first bout of verbiage I disappeared inside my room and slept for a day.Nobody is seriously being invited to stand on top of the mountain of verbiage and get an overview.Dominic has always had a flair for appropriating snippets of verbiage.Comprehension of the modern city's altered state is rarely apparent in much of the verbiage currently expended on urban architecture.
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