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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishveritablever‧i‧ta‧ble /ˈverətəbəl/ adjective [only before noun] formal  EMPHASIZEa word used to emphasize a description of someone or something syn real The area is a veritable paradise for those who love walking and swimming.
Examples from the Corpus
veritableBut to Paula Ladies' Fashions was a veritable Aladdin's cave of delights.The temple of the Sun at Cuzco appeared a veritable gold-mine to the impatient conquerors.The studio was a veritable Land of Song, exemplified by the ever-popular programme of that name.This painting has become a veritable obsession and he has returned to it repeatedly over the past thirty years.The male bird is a veritable rainbow of colors.He stared into a veritable sea of smiling faces.This meant all the leftovers had to be frozen in a veritable stack of containers.
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