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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishversionver‧sion /ˈvɜːʃən $ ˈvɜːrʒən/ ●●● S2 W2 AWL noun [countable]  1 COPYa copy of something that has been changed so that it is slightly differentversion of a new version of the softwarenew/modern/final etc version the original version of the textEnglish/German/electronic/film etc version (=presented in a different language or form) a Japanese version of an English play I think I preferred the television version. the human version of mad cow disease2 DESCRIBEsomeone’s version of an event is their description of it, when this is different from the description given by another personversion of according to the official version of events Could Donna’s version of what happened that night be correct?3 the ... version of something cover version at cover2(10)COLLOCATIONSadjectivesa new versionThere has been an outcry over a new version of the world’s most popular ballet.a different versionThe two groups listened to different versions of the story.the latest versionThe company will soon release the latest version of its network operating system.the original/first versionThe original version was in Latin but later editions were in English.the final versionThe final version of the report omitted these criticisms.an earlier versionThe president vetoed an earlier version of the bill.a later versiona later version of the softwarethe film version (=a film of a book or play)He appeared in the film version of 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'.a revised versionIn a revised version of the script, this scene was cut .a modified version (=one that has some small changes)The article is a modified version of a paper that first appeared in an academic journal.an updated versionan updated version of the 'Best Pub' guidea simplified versionThis simplified version of Shakespeare’s play is intended for younger children.an improved versionThe manufacturers come up with new, improved versions each year.an abridged version (=one that is shortened from the original but not changed in any other way)Reader’s Digest published abridged versions of many popular novels.the unabridged version (=not shortened – used when this version is long)the unabridged version of 'Moby Dick'the uncut version (=used about a film that includes parts that were not in the film when it was shown in cinemas)the uncut version of 'Bladerunner'
Examples from the Corpus
versionI had trouble understanding the French, so I got the English version of the book from the library and read it.Most people would agree that the Italian version sounds better.However, the Mac version comes with all the bells and whistles.The children's version says nothing about Joseph's views on his wife's mysterious pregnancy.A discordant and high-spirited version of an old tune rang out into the evening air.Here are recipes for some of the updated versions of macaroni and cheese.English/German/electronic/film etc versionExcept for a film version of Leoncavallo's Pagliacci, his film career was mainly an extension of his operetta activities.Among the most exciting Journal developments last year were the launch of two new electronic versions of the paper.The offices are so old-fashioned that one was used as Scrooge's office in a recent film version of A Christmas Carol.Meanwhile, the film version of Skipped Parts begins production this summer.The electronic version is being test marketed in the United States.The film version starred Dora Bryan and propelled Rita Tushingham to stardom.However, it is probably the various film versions and sequels that enable youngsters of today to make such connections.version of eventsWith new documents regularly contradicting her version of events, those questions may well multiply.Quietly she gave her version of events, often struggling to hold back the tears.Few people believe his version of events.Her sincerity made me doubt my own version of events.Aubyn, R-Grand Forks, challenged Sanderson's version of events.At that moment, in my mind, the scales lurched against Surkov's version of events.Why had she accepted so uncritically the version of events which Dad had fed her?In interviews with foreign journalists, students at the Institute confirmed this version of events.
From Longman Business Dictionaryversionver‧sion /ˈvɜːʃənˈvɜːrʒən/ noun [countable] a form of a computer program, product etc that is slightly different from earlier formsA new version of the computer spreadsheet will be launched this year.German sources reckon the most powerful version of the motor will reach 135bhp.version verb [transitive]All these files are versioned of course to keep track of what was done. alpha version beta version demonstration version
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