1 adverb
ve‧ry1 S1 W1
1 [+ adjective/adverb] used to emphasize an adjective, adverb, or phrase:
It feels very cold today.
The fishing industry is very important to the area.
The traffic's moving very slowly this morning.
problems that are very similar to mine
I feel a lot better - thank you very much.
I'm very, very (=used for emphasis) pleased you can come.
It's very kind of you to help.
My sister and I were married on the very same (=exactly the same) day.
the very best/latest/worst etc
We only use the very best ingredients.

not very good/happy/far etc

not good etc at all:
I'm just not very good at spelling.
The garden's not very big, is it?
The assistant wasn't very helpful.
'Was the talk interesting?' 'Not very (=only slightly).'

your very own

used to emphasize the fact that something belongs to one particular person and to no one else:
She was thrilled at the idea of having her very own toys to play with.
of your very own
At last, a home of her very own.
4 informal used with adjectives to say that the quality something has is very noticeable or typical:
It was a very male reaction, I thought.
His films are always very French.

very much so

spoken used to emphasize your agreement or approval:
'Are you serious?' 'Very much so.'

very well

old-fashioned spoken used to agree to something

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