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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvestedvest‧ed /ˈvestɪd/ adjective  1 vested interest2 vested interests3 vested rights, powers, property etc belong to you and cannot be removed Shareholders have a vested right to 10% per annum.4 technical having full rights to own or have somethingbecome/get vested (in something) He only took the job to get vested in the pension fund.
Examples from the Corpus
vestedAfter three years in the pension plan, you become fully vested.This is made doubly difficult where there is a concurrent struggle for power among vested interest groups and individuals.As a prominent socialist, Webb had a vested interest in explaining developments in the way she did.Practically everybody involved has a vested interest in making the child drop her claim.They thus have a vested interest in their conservation.There are too many vested interests.become/get vested (in something)Retirement: Linda has jumped from job to job, never staying long enough to become vested in a retirement plan.
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