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vested interests

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvested interestsvested interestsREASONthe groups of people who will gain from a plan, project, proposal etc The proposal faces tough opposition from powerful vested interests. vested
Examples from the Corpus
vested interestsProbably the last of the true amateur captains, his decisions were not controlled by monetary or vested interests.That is partly a function of habit and experience, and partly the result of emerging vested interests.Powerful vested interests are keeping American products out of that market.Others point to the rapid growth of military-industrial complexes with vested interests in international hostility.This is the strange case with the vested interests in production.Even fewer are unattached to vested interests in the debate.In jails, at the hands of landlords, vested interests, police, during the Emergency.Jerry has obvious vested interests to protect.
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