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vestmentvest‧ment /ˈvestmənt/ noun [countable usually plural]  RRCa piece of clothing worn by priests during church services
Examples from the Corpus
vestmentHis meals were always ready, his clothes clean and pressed, and his vestments for the Sunday service were immaculate.Old vestments lay scattered on top, their colours faded, the material no longer springy soft.Church services too became more elaborate and ornamental with the lavish use of incense and ever richer vestments.He journeyed without royal vestments, wearing a disguise to escape detection and perhaps to save money.They had put on their vestments in an old farmhouse across from the field.Slugs would drag along the bathroom floor, trailing their vestments of brown slime.He was dressed in radiant white vestments and his hands were folded on his chest.A layer of brown dust began to cover the white vestments of the priests.
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