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vestryves‧try /ˈvestri/ noun (plural vestries) [countable]  RRCa small room in a church where a priest puts on his or her vestments and where holy plates, cups etc are kept
Examples from the Corpus
vestryThe plans were to include a vestry, church parlour, toilets and classrooms and the estimated cost was placed at £15,000.Parish councils were set up in 1894 and superseded parish vestries, which had in turn supplanted manor courts.What could the vestry do, after all?I'd thought there might be a bit of rope or some such in the vestry.When the Mass was finished he followed the priest into the vestry.The body was later taken into the vestry where it and the venerable head were washed and carefully dried.They walked to the vestry to disrobe, and finally dispersed quietly.
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