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vexed question/issue/problem etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvexed question/issue/problem etcvexed question/issue/problem etcDIFFICULTa complicated problem that has caused a lot of discussion and argument and is difficult to solvevexed question/issue/problem etc of the vexed question of sexism vexed
Examples from the Corpus
vexed ofThe Reports gave close attention to the vexed question of enclosures and commoners' rights in the forest.Was the vexed question of extradition discussed at the Council?Then there is the vexed issue of paying for tax cuts.Potentially an even bigger bombshell is about to burst on the vexed question of pension rights.A paradigm example of this is the vexed question of spatial visualisation.I shall not turn to the vexed question of the national minimum wage.May I wish my hon. and learned Friend well in getting proper safeguards over the vexed problem of undisclosed sites?
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