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VGAVGA /ˌviː dʒiː ˈeɪ/ noun [uncountable] technical  TD (video graphics array) a standard of graphics (=pictures and letters) on a computer screen that has many different colours and is of a high quality
Examples from the Corpus
VGAFor example, one of the standard monitor resolutions now widely used in computing is called VGA.The video is displayed in place of one or more of the colours available on a conventional VGA screen.A port is provided on the back of the machine to drive an external VGA monitor.At over £3,200, with a mono VGA display, the Dan is impressive but pricey.The video sub-system was the venerable Trident 8900C Super VGA card.Support is provided for super VGA users and facilities for image smoothing and cropping are also provided.The VGA graphics on the opening screens and of the cars themselves are amazing.Supports true 256 colour for those with VGA but will play on all other graphics cards.
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