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viceroyvice‧roy /ˈvaɪsrɔɪ/ noun [countable]  PGOa man who was sent by a king or queen in the past to rule another countryviceroy of the viceroy of India
Examples from the Corpus
viceroyThe monarch and viceroy look alike.The first to make a move was Shah Shuja, the Emperor's second son and viceroy of Bengal.The throne is thought to have been made in Constantinople and given by Justinian to his viceroy Maximian.There are no Incas, viceroys or grand captains without a hundred yellowing pieces of paper and a little earth.The first nine viceroys all had Goan wives or mistresses, and inter-marriage continued through the centuries, through gradually declining.Brower then offered viceroys to both classes of jays and recorded whether they avoided or pecked at them.Gandhi, of course, was wrong in supposing there to be any fundamental conflict in Irwin between the viceroy and the man.Accurately he was only regent of the Winds, viceroy of the gods.
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