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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvicissitudesvi‧cis‧si‧tudes /vəˈsɪsətjuːdz $ -tuːdz/ noun [plural] formal  CHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENTthe continuous changes and problems that affect a situation or someone’s lifevicissitudes of the vicissitudes of married life
Examples from the Corpus
vicissitudesIt could have shared the owner's adventures and vicissitudes, occupied his leisure hours, cheered his bleaker moments.The comparatively long time intervals between such environmental vicissitudes may be characterized by stasis in ecosystems as well as the component species.Over the millennia, cultures have changed very substantially as they have learned to cope with environmental vicissitudes.As we have said, Simon Peter's vicissitudes, as depicted by Anita Mason, can not have been unique.Through the vicissitudes of life in a frontier province, Our Lady of Sion has remained the tutelary patroness of Lorraine.Cranmer's reputation has suffered various vicissitudes.vicissitudes ofthe vicissitudes of married life
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