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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvictoriousvic‧to‧ri‧ous /vɪkˈtɔːriəs/ ●○○ adjective  WINhaving won a victory, or ending in a victory the victorious team We were confident that the Allies would emerge victorious (=finally win).see thesaurus at successfulvictoriously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
victoriousIn the short run, they were victorious.The Orc army was destroyed and Sigmar was ultimately victorious.The supporters of the new school of thought were not completely victorious.a victorious candidateAnd who provided the support that made the idea victorious in many countries?He shook hands with his victorious opponent.And when one side emerges victorious, or appears to, their team has won.Then she raised her arms like a victorious swimmer, stretched toward the ceiling, and came back.Three young men from the victorious team came forward to collect their trophy.emerge victoriousCinderella, far from being destroyed by her siblings' jealousy as were Oedipus' sons, emerges victorious.He repeatedly says he believes that she will lead the Conservatives into the next election and emerge victorious.They fought a duel using huge thorns of the sacred crab-apple tree, and Hahgwehdiyu emerged victorious.The All Blacks emerged victorious courtesy of four first-half penalties from stand-off Tony Brown.The billionaire tycoon, who fell from power less than two years ago, has emerged victorious from the general election.And when one side emerges victorious, or appears to, their team has won.
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