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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvictoryvic‧to‧ry /ˈvɪktəri/ ●●● W2 noun (plural victories) [countable, uncountable]  WINa situation in which you win a battle, game, election, or dispute opp defeatvictory over/against the Raiders’ 35–17 victory over St Louisvictory for The court’s decision represents a victory for all women. Pyrrhic victoryCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + victorya great/major victoryHe said the court’s decision was a great victory.an easy victoryArsenal expected an easy victory.a decisive victoryThe battle was a decisive victory for the US. a landslide victory (=a win by a very large amount in an election)No one had anticipated such a landslide victory.a crushing victory (=a win by a very large amount)Australia won a crushing 139-run victory over the West Indies.a narrow victory (=a win by a small amount)A general election on Oct. 5 produced a narrow victory for the People’s Progressive Party.an election/electoral victoryThe Democrats were celebrating their election victory.a military victoryone of the General’s most famous military victoriesa moral victory (=when you show your beliefs are right, even if you lose the argument)The victims’ families claimed the verdict as a moral victory.verbswin/score a victoryToday we have won an important victory.lead somebody to victoryShe led her team to victory in the finals.clinch victory (=finally win)Adams scored a last-minute goal to clinch victory.pull off a victory (=win when it is difficult)Martin pulled off a surprise victory in the semi-final.sweep to victory (=win easily)Nixon swept to victory by 47 million votes to 29 million.victory + NOUNvictory celebrationsThe victory celebrations went on all night.a victory paradeThey intend to hold a victory parade.a victory lap (=when a winning runner or player runs around the playing area)He then took a victory lap around the arena.phrasesa string of victories (=a series of victories)The team won a string of victories.COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘get victory’ or ‘get the victory’. Say win a victory or win victory.
THESAURUSvictory noun [countable, uncountable] a situation in which you win a battle, game, election, or disputeThe crowds celebrated Italy’s victory against England.The party won a comfortable victory in the general election.We’re very confident of victory.win noun [countable] a victory in a sports game or in a competitionIt was an important win for the Yankees.A couple from London are celebrating a big lottery win.triumph noun [countable] written an important victory, especially in war or politicsThatcher’s greatest triumph was becoming the UK’s first female prime minister.conquest noun [countable] a situation in which one country wins a war against another country and takes control of itthe Spanish conquest of MexicoCaesar is well-known for his military conquests.landslide noun [countable] an election victory in which one party or candidate gets far more votes than their opponentsIn 1945, there was a Labour landslide.walkover especially British English, cakewalk American English noun [countable] informal a very easy victoryThe match was expected to be a walkover for Brazil.upset noun [countable] a situation in which the person, team, party etc that was expected to win is defeatedTruman pulled off the greatest election upset in United States history.
Examples from the Corpus
victoryTheir 2-1 victory over the Australians was completely unexpected.victory celebrationsHe had won a comfortable victory in the general election.But that does not mean he has yet won a conclusive victory in the debilitating war between president and parliament.Florida alone provided nearly one-tenth of the 270 electoral votes required for victory, while Ohio commands 21 votes.Perhaps this represented a human victory over inanimate forces, or perhaps man merely judged it to be so.It looked like victory for Kleomenes.We're very confident of victory.The crowds were celebrating Italy's victory.Labour's stunning victory in 1997 left the Tory party in denial about the seriousness of its situation.victory over/againstReal kept their 100 percent home record with a 3-1 victory over Espanol.Leeds are through to the knock-out stage after a superb 4-1 victory over Anderlecht.the Raiders' 35-17 victory over St. LouisThe 49ers want to validate their 7-1 first-half record with a victory over a worthy opponent.He scored 24 tries, two of them in the epic Challenge Cup final victory over Hull.The remnants of the old left hoped victory over apartheid would see the realisation of their ideals.That is barely a third of the margin of Gore's victory over Bush.Too often the leadership's victories over the left have had an unsavoury, pyrrhic quality.
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