Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: victorie, from Latin victoria, from victus; VICTOR


vic‧to‧ry W2 plural victories [uncountable and countable]
the success you achieve when you win a battle, game, election etc [≠ defeat]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
easy/comfortable victory great/decisive/resounding victory narrow victory (=a win, but only by a small amount) landslide victory (=a win by a very large amount in an election) moral victory (=when you show your beliefs are right and fair, even if you lose the argument) win/score a victory lead somebody to victory sweep/romp/storm to victory (=win easily) victory celebrations
Napoleon's military victories
victory over/against
the Raiders' 35-17 victory over St Louis
victory for
This ruling represents a victory for all women.
It was a surprisingly easy victory.
The United States gained a decisive victory under his command.
The result was a narrow victory for Smith.
The polls were predicting that Labour would win a landslide victory.
The government has won a very important victory.
Jordan led his team to victory.
Jesse Owens swept to victory in the Olympic Games of 1936.

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