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video conferencing

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvideo conferencingˈvideo ˌconferencing noun [uncountable]  TCBBa system that makes it possible to have meetings with people in different parts of the world by sending pictures and sound electronically
Examples from the Corpus
video conferencingIt should also enable the integration of electronic mail, voice mail and facsimile, as well as desktop audio and video conferencing.In-flight video conferencing will also soon be available.
From Longman Business Dictionaryvideo-conferencingˌvideo-ˈconferencing, video-conferencing noun [uncountable]TELECOMMUNICATIONS a system that allows a lot of people in different places to communicate with each other, using special equipment that can send sound and picturesCorporations use video-conferencing as a low-cost alternative to travelling for meetings.video-conference noun [countable]The device made video-conferences practical though expensive at $1,000 an hour for the lines and $250,000 for a fully equipped room.
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