1 noun
vid‧e‧o1 S1 W2 plural videos
1 [countable]TCR a copy of a film or television programme, or a series of events, recorded on videotapeCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
rent/get a video also hire a video British English watch a video rewind a video (=move to an earlier part of a video by pressing a button) fast-forward a video (=move to a later part of a video by pressing a button) pause a video (=stop a video for a short time) make a video home video (=a video of your family, a holiday etc that you make yourself) promotional video (=a video of a product etc that is intended to help sell it) on video video shop BrE video store American English
hire British English /rent American English a video
How much does it cost to hire videos?
Let's stay at home and watch a video.
Rewind the video right to the beginning.
The school will be making a video of the play.
on video
The movie has not yet been released on video.
coming soon to a video store near you
2 [countable]TCR a plastic box containing special tape for recording programmes and films on television [= videotape, video cassette]:
Have we got a blank video (=one with nothing recorded on it yet) anywhere?
3 [countable] British EnglishTCR a machine used to record television programmes or show videos [= VCR, video cassette recorder]
programme/set the video
Can you set the video to record the football match?
4 [uncountable]AMTTCB the process of recording or showing television programmes, films, real events etc on videotape:
The course aims to help children learn through video.
5 [countable] a short film that is made to go with a particular piece of popular music [= music video]

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