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videodiscvid‧e‧o‧disc (also videodisk American English) /ˈvɪdiəʊˌdɪsk $ -dioʊ-/ noun [countable]  TCRa round flat piece of plastic used in the past to record and show films or programmes in the same way as a video DVD
Examples from the Corpus
videodiscIts diameter is only 12 centimetres rather than 12 inches but its silvered surface is covered in laser-etched pits like a videodisc.At the time, the only technology available to store large numbers of high quality images was the analogue videodisc.Experimental work is going on in the production of educational software for videodisc.Cost saving on this scale is particularly important in videodisc applications because videodiscs and their workstations are costly.It was a stark contrast with the commercial failure of the videodisc.Will videodisc technology continue to dominate in these applications?
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