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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishviewpointview‧point /ˈvjuːpɔɪnt/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 OPINIONa particular way of thinking about a problem or subject syn point of viewfrom somebody’s viewpoint/from the viewpoint of somebody/something Try and think of it from the child’s viewpoint. The islands were important from the viewpoint of American security.viewpoint on the Church’s viewpoint on divorcepolitical/scientific/feminist etc viewpoint From an ecological viewpoint, the motorway has been a disaster.2 LOOK ATa place from which you can see something Different viewpoints produce different images.
Examples from the Corpus
viewpointIn this sense ideology is a viewpoint which distorts reality and justifies and legitimates the position of a social group.Whatever values and viewpoints were embodied in the acts would have ultimately been those that were acceptable to the promoters.We need to seriously consider all the different viewpoints on the issue.The book looks at the Royal family from a sociological and historical viewpoint.An ideological viewpoint also includes values.In fairness to its selectors one must stress the virtual absence of any important body of writing expressing an alternative Left viewpoint.From a medical viewpoint, the outline of viral infection given so far presents much too simple a picture.I do appreciate, however, that there can be many other viewpoints that are reasonable to hold on this question.With hindsight, such viewpoints may be seen as irrelevant, off-centre, or temporary.The TV series examines childhood from the viewpoints of twelve different families.political/scientific/feminist etc viewpointThey come at them from a more political viewpoint.This is broadly the radical feminist viewpoint.
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