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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvigilancevig‧i‧lance /ˈvɪdʒələns/ noun [uncountable]  ATTENTIONcareful attention that you give to what is happening, so that you will notice any danger or illegal activity the need for increased police vigilance
Examples from the Corpus
vigilanceThe increasing use of child-proof containers for medicines is helpful, but vigilance is still necessary.Constant vigilance to match appropriate services to needs, assessed along tight guidelines, is one way to avoid temptation.But continued vigilance, from me and from everyone, is necessary if there is to be change.Making the right choices, like protecting freedom, demands eternal vigilance.Here is another example of the need for vigilance when assessing usually well-intentioned accounts of distress.I forced myself to open my fingers, to relax my vigilance, to fall asleep.Females often try to escape from the alpha male's vigilance, and will go up to the beta male and solicit copulation.And in this situation, such vigilance was called for.
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